During the 20th International Congress (XX Congreso Internacional) of FITAC, Magaya Corporation was presented with an award by FITAC and ALACAT to recognize its contribution of "technological leadership and innovation in logistics solutions for the foreign trade sector of the country and the region."

Magaya began working with FITAC and ALACAT in 2016 to develop strong commercial business relationships and synergies and to understand how to better serve this market. The award was presented by leaders of the supply chain industry in Colombia. Also attending the event was the recently elected President of the Republic of Colombia, Ivan Duque and his entire cabinet.

Daniel Baquerizo, Business Development Advisor, attended the event and received the award on behalf of the entire Magaya Corporation team. Mr. Baquerizo stated, “Colombia is one of the most important trade partners on a global level, and we are proud to receive this magnificent recognition. Magaya has increased its commitment to Colombia by increasing the quality of service that we are providing to the local and regional markets of the Latin American community.”

CO-CEO Business and CO-Founder Jesus David Rodriguez said, “It is a great honor to receive an award in Colombia, one of the leaders in the worldwide logistics industry, from key important host of the event such as Miguel Espinoza (FITAC President), Guillermo Gonzalez (FITAC Board of Directors President), and Galo Molina (ALACAT President).”

The plaque states, “This award was given in recognition of Magaya Corporation's indisputable technological leadership and innovation in logistics solutions for the foreign trade sector of the country and the region."

“We are glad to contribute to the logistics supply chain industry and excited for the opportunity to build and create even more advanced technological support on a global concept,” Mr. Baquerizo said.

About Magaya Corporation
Magaya Corporation develops software that automates and improves business operations. Our customers include leaders in the fields of logistics, warehousing, wholesaling and nearly every aspect of the supply chain. Our philosophy is to simplify complex and redundant processes to reduce or eliminate inefficiency. The growth of our customers is our growth, so we dedicate ourselves to helping them succeed.

In addition to continuously improving our software offering, we provide a complete range of consulting and implementation services to help your business accomplish your goals. The ripple effect of us creating the best products, providing the best customer training and support is we fulfill our promise to always be ahead. We help you innovate, automate and be more efficient.

FITAC is the Colombian Federation of Logistic Agents in International Trade.

ALACAT is the Federation of National Associations of Cargo Agencies and International Logistics Operators of Latin America (s la Federación de Asociaciones Nacionales de Agentes de Carga y Operadores Logísticos Internacionales de América Latina y el Caribe)