Current trends point to logistics companies having to operate faster and more efficiently to meet the rising demands of their customers in 2019. The rise of eCommerce marks a blurring of the lines of B2C and B2B. Coupled with this market shift, automation is coming into the warehouse to help expedite manual tasks. Companies like MAERKS and CMA CGM are making the transition to full logistics providers, there is an expected growth of $735 billion in the e-Commerce market by 2023, and a $15.5 trillion Supply Chain industry expected growth by 2026.

The Magaya team has been keeping an eye on these trends and has been working hard to make sure that the Magaya platform offers you all the integrations, tools, and features your business needs. Through our ecosystem, you can have a highly flexible and adaptable platform at the core of your operations.

Some of the new features you can look forward to using.


As our customers grow with Magaya, many of you have asked for improved management tools for larger operations. Imagine grouping every transaction from Quote to Shipment and accounting under one project, with a common number, charges, items, profitability. The solution in your Magaya Supply Chain software is called a Job - newly improved for version 11.1.

In v11 we expanded Jobs to all our products, available for any Magaya user. For this new 11.1 release, Quotes and Bookings have been added to Jobs. This means a single interface to manage your entire workflow across different transactions and departments.

Read more about jobs here:


The LiveTrack app can provide visibility into your operations, not just to your customers, but to your own company as well.

The superuser (a LiveTrack user created for “My Company” in Magaya) can view all transactions of the company, regardless of which customer or agent created them.
The latest app release also features a major framework update, delivering improvements in performance and design, as well as a more native user experience. Be sure to update your app in Google Play or iOS App Store.

The LiveTrack app improvements were completed in time for Magaya 11.1, but are also compatible with v11.


In addition to photos, you can now upload PDF attachments from your phone to Items or Transactions in Magaya.