SGK Global Shipping Services is an FMC licensed freight forwarder based in Houston with an office in Lagos, Nigeria. They offer air and ocean shipping, warehousing and procurement.


  • New Ocean Freight Service
  • New Warehouse and Equipment
  • More Online Services for Customers
  • When we first visited Mr. Uche Mozie, the owner of SGK two years ago, his company focused on air freight shipping from his one warehouse in Houston, Texas. Since then, he’s doubled the size of his business and expanded the services he offers.

Making the most impact on his business is the addition of ocean freight shipping. SGK’s business increased so much, they needed to move to a bigger warehouse to handle the volume of ocean cargo and containers. The new warehouse is divided into two sections, one half for the air freight and the other half for the ocean freight. Mr. Mozie also added more equipment. “When we spoke last, I only had one used forklift,” he said, laughing as he remembered. “Now I have three new ones. We’ve also acquired more trucks that we use for pickups and runs to the airport,” he said. The cargo going to the airport and seaport is accompanied by documentation SGK produces in their Magaya system.

Adding ocean transactions was easy, Mr. Mozie said because “the software screens for ocean freight are similar to the air freight screens, which we were already familiar with.”

“It’s also been easy to train new employees to use Magaya because of the user-friendly interface,” he said. The number of people working at SGK has doubled. “In the past year, overall SGK has grown by more than 50%,” he said. “We’ve seen an increase in larger customers from corporate accounts, and they are becoming repeat customers.”

With the increase in staff, Mr. Mozie saw the need to customize employees’ computer access and permissions to ensure each person is working in their areas of the software based on their role. “I learned how to fine-tune the permissions, which has helped my operation run better,” he said. Role-based access functions are built into the software and can be set in employee profiles and for each folder and subfolder in the system.

Many SGK customers were emailing shipment information and asking for shipment status updates. To help them have 24/7 access to information, he added a link to his website to the online tracking from Magaya called LiveTrack. Mr. Mozie enabled his system to allow customers to register themselves online and manage their passwords. “Our customers send us information about cargo in advance. After they register with us, they often send us documents that we can easily attach to their shipment transaction,” Mr. Mozie said. “Online access keeps our customers happy.”

In addition to the ocean freight service, SGK offers to purchase items for customers and ship the items for them. This procurement service is an area that Mr. Mozie is expanding. It includes both small, personal items and large items for businesses. They currently consolidate shipments, but they plan to send out more direct small shipments port to port. “This is part of our plan to expand globally,” he said. “We don’t want to rely on one region to determine our fate. Just as our name says, we’re SGK ‘Global’ Shipping Services. We’re in the industry to stay.”

Mr. Mozie is always looking for ways to improve his business, and continuing to work with Magaya software is part of his plan. “We stay with Magaya because the Support team and my sales rep always help me,” he said. “When I suggest an idea to them for a new feature I’d like to see in the software, they are interested in what I need and then they talk with others in the company about it to see if it can be added to an upcoming release. It makes you feel like this software is your own and that Magaya is interested in making the software better for their customers. With that kind of service, there’s no reason to look elsewhere.”